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Saggy Skin?

  • Posted on: Feb 13 2022
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Saggy skin is caused by aging. Firm skin can stretch and snap back into place.

Dermatologist think of intrinsic aging which happens to everyone which means a gradual fraying of the collagen and elastic fibers that hold our skin in place. This leads to redundant skin loose eyelid and neck skin and jowls. There is also a loss of subcutaneous fat or adipose tissue that makes our cheeks sag. It’s difficult to keep weight off as we age without losing some fat in the face sometimes giving a draped or hanging skin appearance. Major weight changes can also lead to saggy skin.

Extrinsic aging are external forces more under our control. Number one is ultraviolet light which causes more accelerates fraying of collagen and elastic fibers. It can be seen under the microscope and has its own name. Solar elastosis. The skin is literally thinner with sun damage. The happens more the light skinned people There is a reason Nicole Kidman is so scrupulous about avoiding the sun.

Your board certified dermatologist is ok the best position to assess the primary causes of sagging and customize remediesWe can repair some of the damage with retinol. Bakuchiol and vitamin c agents

Fractional resurfacing laser and radiofrequency heating can non invasively tighten the skin over time and improve fine lines by inducing collagen production. In my hands, Fraxel nonablative laser resurfacing has the best results over time and is the most requested saggy skin treatment in my New York City office. (goldmandermatology.com) Threadlifts which involve the insertion of a dissolvable thread to anchor the skin have recently become popular but duration of improvement varies widely. When undergoing procedures, always ask your doctor what at home regimen you should use to complement the procedure. Think of it as protecting your investment.

However a patient with sunken cheeks consistent with fat loss may do better with volume replacement with fillers like Restylane or Juvederm. If done expertly it can reframe the face pulling up redundant skin giving a more youthful appearance. There is some push against the historical gold standard which was a facelift which can remove redundant skin in one swoop but doesn’t fix underlying sun damage or volume loss. In terms of flabby skin on the abdomen.  I prefer Trusculpt ID radiofrequency fat reduction over Coolsculpting .  Both reduce fat but Trusculpt has the advantage of heat penetrating and tightening the overlying skin whereas Coolsculpting leaves the loose skin intact so it can be in some ways more noticeable.

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