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Cosmetic Tox for Hyperhidrosis in NYC

Botulinum Injections for Sweaty Palms Treatment in Manhattan

There are many options for those with excessive sweating known as hyperhidrosis. Of the many conditions, that interfere with quality of life , hyperhidrosis is very significant. A simple inability to hold a piece of a paper in your hand without smudging is kind of a drag at work. Shaking hands is a given in our society but a source of embarrassment and consternation to many patients. Botox may seem aggressive but when a patients doesn’t respond to topical solutions or other products, it is striking that a straightforward 15 minute procedure can give relief from sweating for often 6 months or more with uncommon side effects. Our staff of board certified dermatologists in the downtown nyc financial district know that people only have so much as time and energy to deal with this condition. You can find more information on sweathelp.org. You can also come for a consultation with Dr. Goldman. Our front desk is trained to get patients in quickly, especially when they know what they want. We hope the following video will be informative. We have recently switched over to Jeaveau botulinum injections which appear to last a little longer in our hands. Your consult may be covered by insurance but the injections typically are not in our office.

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