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Here at Goldman Dermatology, our team strives to be the best downtown Manhattan dermatologists. We offer individualized treatments, meeting each patient’s unique needs and requests. We aim to provide courteous, compassionate care while respecting the busy schedules of the New York City workers and residents in our practice. Our staff of Manhattan’s top dermatologists are highly skilled in the evaluation and removal of moles and skin cancer.  Our staff’s interests range from Pediatric Dermatology to contact dermatitis and allergy testing, to Mohs surgery. By offering full service medical, cosmetic and surgical dermatology services under one roof, each patient can feel confident that they are receiving the services that are appropriate for their individual concerns.

Consultations with our dermatologists are personalized to meet individual needs and are dedicated to answering all of your questions and concerns. We are uncompromising in finding the right treatment for you, as we believe a board certified dermatologist can give the best results for your skin.

Please use our web site to explore our dermatologists’ qualifications, read our medical articles to educate you, and see what the practice has to offer. Open our photo gallery to find examples of results you might achieve here. Find the straightforward answers you deserve for your skin at Goldman Dermatology, NYC.

For any questions or comments or don’t see a time slot available online, contact us or call us at 212.962.1115.

Goldman Dermatology

Goldman Dermatology
Helen Radoszycki, M.D. | Castle Connolly | Dermatologist


Medical Dermatology

News and Announcements

New EltaMD sunscreens now Available Here 

Check out the new EltaMD AOX Mist Broad Spectrum SPF 40 sunscreen now with antioxidants.

Safe for rosacea and sensitive skin.

Kids and even men will love it

Slathering on the sunscreen can take a lot of work but, thanks to EltaMD’s sunscreen mist,

all you have to do is spray.


Radiofrequency Microneedling

The next Generation of Radiofrequency Microneedling is here. We have added Pixel 8 Radiofrequency Microneedling. This Machine penetrates the skin Like Microneedling and adds Radiofrequency energy

Pixel 8 RF can tighten the skin. Acne scars can be Smoothened. The Pixel 8 RF can induce your own body to make collagen and smooth out fine lines.  pixel 8 rf is noninvasive and Downtime is usually a couple days and a friday treatment will get you ready for monday. Pain is Tolerable. The Versatility of Pixel 8RF extends from the face down to through the neck and chest.  If you need a pick me up for your skin, Book a consult with dr. goldman today.




To be seen in the Office, please call us at 212-962-115 or email us at contactus@Goldmandermatology.com. For refills, Existing Patients can use the Web Portal.

Call us at 212-962-1115 or use the contact us tab to send us a message.

Courteous, Compassionate Care

For Aesthetician Appointments only! Our aesthetician, Jean Dachnowicz is now accepting on-line bookings through schedulicity.com. Please click the following link which will direct you to Jean’s schedule and will allow you to book appointment for facials and microdermabrasions:

We hope our patients will enjoy this new streamlined process available 24/7. Keep in mind that our top NYC dermatologists are always available on the same day as your aesthetic appointment should you have any dermatological questions or concerns.

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