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Can food be causing your rash? Lemons and Mushrooms

  • Posted on: Apr 18 2024
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Applying lemons directly to your skin is not recommended. Lemon juice has a high anount of vitamin C. so far so good. so this is wrong for so many reasons Lets start with the diagnosis of presumed seborrheic dermatitis or dandruff which manifests by a buildup of thick chunky white flakes and is associated with a yeast called malessia furfur which causes inflammation.

Lemon itself has a ph close to 2 making it a 100,000 times more acidic than your normal skin ph. Yes it will dissolve scale and everything else. Lemon juice could cause sever irritation if you have sensitive skin. Lemon acidity can vary so no two lemons are the same.
You may gets a rash change of pigment like white spots worse yet You cqn lemon can make your skin very photosensitive in a part of the body well exposed to the sun. so called margarita burn.
Some call for diluting the lemon with honey or other methods but maybe its better to purchase a cosmeric product with standardized concentrations like neutrogena T sa 3 % salicylic acid or better yet attack the yeast with a dandruff shampoo that fights yeast like Nizoral shampoo
What about lemom juice in products. Well there is chemistry behind that bottle has been formulated to have a consistent, specific, and safe amount of lemon juice. I would favor a chemist derived formulation over a do it yourself formulation.

This bizarre itchy streaky rash occurred 2 days after eating undercooked mushrooms. It turns out that raw Shiitake mushroom contain a toxin called Lentinan that causes fluids and inflammatory chemicals to leak into the skin.  The rash will eventually clear but goes away much quicker with topical steroids. It is also known as flagellate dermatitis since its looks like person has been whipped.  This patient opted for treatment. Moral of the story, cook your mushrooms

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