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6 Myths about Eczema

  • Posted on: Oct 23 2023
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October is eczema awareness month

Myth # 1

It is contagious.

No, it is not contagious. Because of the way eczema looks, i.e. red irritated flaky skin sometimes with cracks or fissures, many believe it is contagious but this is absolutely not true. You cant give someone eczema and you can’t catch eczema from another person.

Myth #2

Just change your diet and eczema will just go away.

Diet is generally unrelated to adults with eczema. Some patients note flareups of their existing eczema after eating certain food such as dairy products or nuts. Don’t conflate food allergy with food induced eczema

Myth #3

Eczema is just for kids It is true that over half of cases develop in the first year of life. However, you can get eczema at any age.

Is is true about half of kids will outgrow their eczema but that leaves a lot who won’t. Additionally, you can develop eczema later in life

Myth #4 Eczema happens because of something you did

The truth is that it is genetic While many patients have an abnormal skin barrier, the over active immune system is the primary problem. Additionally a lot of eczema patients also have hay fever and asthma or these run in their families. There are cases of patients receiving bone marrow transplants from an eczema patient who go on to develop eczema.

Myth #5 eczema can be cured

Social media is full of remedies purporting a cure. When you have a condition that naturally ebbs and flows, its easier to ascribe improvement or flares to a particular food but long term studies haven’t borne this out. Eczema is a journey that your dermatologist can help you manage

Myth #6 Itchy skin is not a big deal

The itch from eczema can be all-consuming. it is difficult you watch someone scratching. Chronic scratching can lead to skin changes including scarring, infection and long term damage. Lack of sleep from scratching can be debilitating.


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