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How Skincare Can Transform Your Mental Health

  • Posted on: Aug 1 2020
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How Skincare Can Transform Your Mental Health

Living in New York City is a dream for many people, but New Yorkers know how tough it is to survive in such a big city. Having to deal with the hustle and bustle of such a lively metropolis on a regular basis can have adverse impacts on one’s overall wellbeing, including our mental health and the condition of our skin.

This stress can stem from many factors around us, which is why the way we tackle it has evolved over the years to take these stressors into account. From a medical standpoint, professionals have taken a more holistic approach to tackle the problem as a whole. While there are stress management techniques you can try on your own, there are now options for holistic stress counseling and professional therapy for moderate to severe cases. These doctors with contemporary psychology degrees focus not just on one aspect of what is causing you stress – and your mental health in general – they also take into account the biological, social, and clinical factors that contribute to your mental state. This kind of contemporary psychology that more universities and professionals are adopting looks at these factors and finds the best solutions depending on the individual. Part of these solutions takes a critical lens to self-care and how well one practices it.

Indeed, while it may not seem like it, something as simple as having a well-thought-out self-care routine can have a huge impact on wellness and mental health. A great place to start is something you may already have – a skincare routine.

Skincare offers a sense of stability and structure

Now that we live in a time with so many chaotic things happening, it’s easy to be in a constant state of anxiety. Take into account the fact that we’re stuck at home, and it becomes apparent that it’s now more difficult to draw the fine line between work and play. Having an elaborate skincare routine can contribute to creating a structure to your day, as it makes you feel more in control. When you experience so much uncertainty, it can create a number of issues like depressive and bipolar disorders, mood problems, loneliness, and less happiness in general. You can mitigate this by picking up a skincare routine that you can stick to. This not only improves the condition of your skin but also provides an anchor to your day and serves as a point of stability.

Skincare triggers chemicals that boost one’s mood

Skincare can also give you a well-deserved serotonin boost. Having a routine can make you happier, as it’s all about the ritual and putting time and energy into making yourself feel good. It also helps you anticipate something at the end and start of the day, which is known to have mood-boosting benefits. When you’re excited about an event, a certain part of your prefrontal cortex gets activated, giving you a natural little high.

Skincare can help calm you down

Believe it or not, dabbling in meaningful skincare has the unique ability to calm your nerves down. Anything that relates to self-care, including getting enough sleep, taking the time to exercise, and getting proper nutrition, can alleviate your everyday stresses and help you feel calmer overall. With that being said, self-care involves a process of trial and error, so don’t get discouraged if you can’t find a routine that works right away. It takes time to figure out what makes you feel good — give yourself some leeway and experiment with your routine until you come up with a regimen that makes you feel your best.

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