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Holiday Photos: How to Plan for Botox

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There’s one thing that every family likely has in common: they want to look like their happiest, best selves in their holiday photos. However, although you can buy matching clothes and plan for the perfect day, there are some things that are harder to disguise— such as fine lines and wrinkles.

To get prepared for your photo shoot, we encourage patients to consider getting Botox injections beforehand. However, because everyone’s skin reacts differently to Botox injections and because they’re not immediate, it’s important that you plan.

Give Yourself a 48 Hour Minimum

Typically, patients start to see some Botox results after just 48 hours. That being said, there is no guarantee. If you are in a tight crunch and need a fast turnaround time, you may be able to get away with scheduling your photos just 48 hours after Botox. Remember that some patients bruise a little at the injection site, so you may want to take that into consideration.

A Full Two Weeks Is Best

On average, patients will see their full Botox results after just two weeks. If you can plan your holiday pictures around your Botox, we encourage our patients to give themselves at least over one week— that way any swelling or bruising is gone and they have a smoother complexion.

The 3-6 Month Rule

One of the difficult things about Botox is that results vary from patient to patient. For instance, one patient’s Botox may last three months while other patients may last in the upwards of six. If you have never had Botox and aren’t sure how long it will last, take into account that it typically lasts three to six months— so, take that into consideration before booking family photos.

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