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  • Posted on: Mar 3 2022
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Itchy scalp can have numerous causes including allergic reactions to hair dye or shampoo but the most common cause is seborrheic dermatitis also known as dandruff.

Seborrheic dermatitis is seen as thick greasy flakes of skin on the scalp. Seborrheic dermatitis is caused by an over reaction of the body to normal yeast that live on the skin. Depending on unknown factors, the otherwise harmless yeast overgrows and your body reacts to it but turning your skin over more quickly resulting in visible flaking.  Fortunately, we have many options.  Some over the counter options include Head & Shoulders and Selsun Blue.  The key is to realized you are treating your scalp, not your hair so leave the shampoo on your scalp for a few minutes before rinsing.  one or two times a week may be enough.

it your scalp itching persists, it may be time to see your dermatologist for a prescription shampoo.  They may also prescribe steroid solutions to rub on the scalp but prudent noncontinuous use of steroid solutions should be observed.

it your scalp is very itchy or sore or swollen, you may be experiencing an allergic reaction.  Hair dye is a common causes of allergic reactions as well as essential oils and shampoos.  Your dermatologist may perform patch allergy testing to find a cause.

if there is blood or pus or a spot is painful on your scalp, you may have an infection or something more serious, you should see your dermatologist right away

Lastly, remember hot water can feel good in the moment in the shower but can be drying in the long run so keep an eye on that

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