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Face washes for men

  • Posted on: Sep 5 2022
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1. We often hear that regular bar soap shouldn’t be used to wash the face. Why is that?

The skin has a ph close to 6 so it’s slightly acidic bae soaps have a higher ph which makes them an effective soap for diet and grease but this also strips the natural moisturizing factors from the skin. the skin only our face is typically thinner and more sensitive than other parts of the body and many people are using acne or anti-aging products which only make your skin more sensitive.

Long term use of harsh soap can leave skin dry red and irritated. Hot water will exacerbate this.  Skin may loses its natural elasticity and feel tight

Liquid facial soaps have more variety and ingredients can be easily added for dry sensitive or combination skin.

2. Are men’s face washes really designed for men or is that more for marketing purposes? For instance, is there something specific about men’s face washes that are designed for males physiologically?

Men’s skin is typically thicker than women’s skin. men also have larger pores. men also have hair on their face.

Men typically prefer a simpler routine i.e. one product that does everything.

Half of men use the same soap on their face as they do on their body which can cause dryness and irritation

Men do have the stress of shaving but shaving is exfoliating and may make men less susceptible to signs of aging

Male hormones tend to make mens skin more oily while women have to deal with hormonal fluctuations.

Men don’t necessarily need their own product line but they have to figure out their skin type and look for products that right for them.

3. Can men use skin products marketed for women – and vice versa?

In short men can use products marketed for women and vice versa as tolerated

However many women’s products may have fragrances that men may not find desirable in additions women cleansers are typically milder and may not clean out those pores.

Face washes today can do more such as contain moisturizers or treat acne without over stripping the skin. many men don’t apply moisturizer after using soap

A moisturizer with spf is a good choice for men who may only apply one product a day

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