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Dry, Cracked Heels? Frequently asked Questions.

  • Posted on: Apr 15 2023
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What causes dry cracked heels?

Dry cracked heels are often accompanied by splitting of the heel skin known as fissures. It starts with skin around your heels getting drier and thicker. Pressure and lack of moisture will cause the thick dead skin to crack. Il fitting shoes or just wearing sandals with a lack of support can contribute. Fungal infection, hypothyroidism and obesity can play a role

What are some of the most effective treatments for dry heels?

Moisturizing at least twice a day is best. For severe cases, begin soaking your feet in soapy water for 15 minutes and gently scrub with  loofah or pumice stone to remove some of the dead skin. Then slater on moisturizer. Then put on thick socks to hold the moisturizer in place.

What type of products/ingredients work best for treating dry heels?

One focus of treatment is adding keratolytic or descaling agents to your moisturizer, Keratolytic means to break break down the dead skin so its no so thick. Common helpful agents are urea, salicylic acid or glycolic acid.

What are some specific product recommendations?

Cerave Renewing SA Foot cream has salicylic acid to loosen the dead skin and also hyaluronic acid to draw in moisturizer . Kerasal is an inexpensive time testing exfoliating foot ointment

Eucerin roughness relief cream has a high concentration of urea along with ceramides and is fragrance free

What can make dry heels worse?

Flip flops or open back shoes like sandal can put extra pressure on the fat pads in your heel. Wear comfortable heel cushioned shoes.

When to see a podiatrist or dermatologist?

If you are having pain and the above treatments have not helped in a few weeks, a podiatrist or dermatologist may have prescription strength creams and well as provide debridement, orthotics and do a foot analysis.


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