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3 Preventative Skin Cancer Tips

As a treatable form of cancer if caught early on, skin cancer is caused primarily by exposure to the sun. If you have had an immense amount of skin exposure to the sun by either doing things like laying out on the beach, using tanning beds, or even spending time in the great outdoors doing the things you love like hiking or water skiing, then it’s important to always keep a close eye on your skin in order to help look for any signs of skin cancer. Here are three preventative tips to use in regards to skin cancer.

  1. Shower Checks

One of the easiest ways to check your skin for cancer is to conduct a monthly skin check while in the shower. As a safety measure,, set up a calendar reminder in your smartphone or tablet to alert you of when you need to conduct your monthly check. During your shower check all around your body including unusual areas like your underarms and feet— as these areas can sometimes harbor things like cancerous moles and freckles. In order to check your body for areas that are hard to see, such as your back, use a handheld mirror. When conducting a skin cancer check, look for things like moles that are growing, changing in color or shape, or maybe that are causing you any form of irritation.

2. Schedule An Appointment With Barry Goldman

As another yearly precaution, set up an appointment with Dr. Barry Goldman in order to get your entire body checked for skin abnormalities. During this check, Dr. Barry Goldman will carefully inspect the skin on your body in order to check for and document the growth of any moles or freckles that may be present on your body.

3. Wear Coverage Everyday

Yes, it may be true that you aren’t spending everyday of the year at either the beach or the pool, but it is important to get into the habit of wearing some sort of SPF everyday. Whether you’re walking from your house to the car or you’re driving to work, the sun can sneak up on you and cause skin damage in ways you probably didn’t know were possible. Simply incorporate a daily moisturizer equipped with an SPF into your morning routine.

To learn more about how to best catch skin cancer early on or to learn more about preventative tips, contact our office today!


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