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Have Psoriasis? How XTRAC Can Help

Psoriasis is a skin condition that causes certain areas of your body to become red, itchy,  inflamed, and appear a bit patchy. As a skin condition that even famous celebrities like Kris Jenner and Kim Kardashian suffer from, Psoriasis is something that can cause you to become self conscious and want to cover up certain parts of your body. But did you know that psoriasis runs deeper than just your skin? As a chronic illness that actually affects your immune system, psoriasis can manifest itself in both mild and severe ways. If you suffer from psoriasis and would like to get it treated, Dr. Barry Goldman can help you restore your skin and gain back your confidence in no time through a laser treatment called XTRAC. Read on to learn more about XTRAC and whether or not it is a feasible option for you.

What Is XTRAC?
XTRAC is a system that uses targeted ultraviolet light in order to clear up psoriatic skin plaques. It is performed 2-3 times a week and each system lasts just a few minutes. By using a targeted treatment, only the specific areas of your skin will be treated, so you won’t have to worry about any side effects of ultraviolet light across other areas of your skin or body.

Although there are several different treatment options on the market that are designed to treat psoriasis, you may be wondering why Dr. Barry Goldman recommends XTRAC. As an FDA-cleared laser treatment XTRAC can even treat unique areas of the body that are otherwise hard to treat such as the scalp, knees, and elbows. Additionally, XTRAC is a pain free treatment that is proven to give psoriasis patients a 95% clearance rate after just ten to twenty treatment sessions. And relief typically lasts 4-6 months long.

What Are the Side-Effects?
Unlike other laser treatments for psoriasis, the side-effects with XTRAC are minimal. However, some of our patients do experience red, irritated skin directly afterwards that resembles that of a sunburn. Other than that, most patients don’t experience any side-effects at all.

If you have psoriasis and are wanting to get clearer skin, contact Dr. Barry Goldman’s office today in order to learn more about XTRAC laser and what it could mean for you and your health.

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