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How to Get Hair Free and Beach Ready

  • Posted on: Jul 15 2018
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Laser Hair Removal Treatment Manhattan, NYAt-home waxing kits can be a real nightmare and shaving can take too long, but let’s face it— it has to be done. With summer in full swing, the last thing you want to have to worry about is getting waxed or making sure you shave before heading on vacation or to the beach. If you haven’t already considered getting laser hair removal, now is the time. Here at Dr. Barry Goldman’s office, we use a unique laser hair removal technology called Lumenis Lightsheer to help give patients fast, effective results.

Why Should I Choose Laser Over Waxing?

One question that many of our patients have about laser hair removal is why they should choose it over waxing. If you are sick of the pain associated with waxing or are just looking for a treatment that’s more permanent, then you should consider laser hair removal. By targeting each individual hair follicle, laser hair removal helps to give patients long-lasting results without the pain associated with waxing.

How Is Lumenis Lightsheer Different?

Here at Dr. Barry Goldman’s office we use a unique laser hair removal technology called Lumenis Lightsheer which gives patients faster, more accurate results and can even be used in patients with darker complexions.

When Should I Get It Done?

One thing that we encourage our patents to consider before getting laser done during the summer is how much sun exposure they are going to be getting. Because laser hair removal makes your skin more sensitive, it can increase your chances of burning. In some instances, we may encourage our patients to wait until the end of summer to start laser hair removal so that their skin doesn’t burn.

To learn more about our Lumenis Lightsheer technology, schedule your laser hair removal consultation at our New York City office today and call us at 212.962.111.

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