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3 Treatments to Gift Your Dad For Father’s Day

PRP, New York, NY

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Rather than buying your dad another tie or golf shirt for Father’s Day, why not get him something a little bit more unique this year? Here at our office, we offer patients a variety of cosmetic treatments (many of which are gaining more and more popularity among men). Let’s take a closer look at a few options.


PRP for Hair Loss

If your old man is sick and tired of hearing jokes about balding or how shiny is head looks, then give him a gift that he will thank his lucky stars for: PRP for hair loss. Platelet-rich plasma or PRP is an enriched protein found in the blood. When we inject PRP into the hair follicles, it not only helps to strengthen the follicle but it also allows patients grow back hair. Yes, you may have to come up with some new jokes to tease your dad with, but at least he will have confidence in his hairline.



Yes, you read that right, your dad may want some Botox. If your dad works with a lot of people every day and has been complaining about his age, we can help to soften some of this fine lines and wrinkles around his eyes and forehead to give him a more youthful look. And, because Dr. Goldman has years of training and expertise, he will do it so subtly that the only real person who will be able to notice is your dad.



Fillers are popular amongst our male patients because they help with fine lines and wrinkles around the beard line and mouth. If your dad is feeling self-conscious without facial hair these days, it’s probably due to an increase of fine lines and wrinkles on his face. With fillers, Dr. Goldman will help to temporarily fill in those lines in a subtle way to help give your dad a more youthful look.


Help your dad’s self-esteem out this Father’s Day and ditch the traditional gifts for one of these treatments. To learn more, contact our NYC office at 212.962.1115.

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