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When is too young to get Botox?

  • Posted on: Jul 15 2019
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With so many men and women of all ages getting Botox, a lot of our patients start to wonder when is too young to get it done. The real question that we encourage patients to ask themselves is, what do I want out of Botox? In addition to that, though, Let’s take a closer look and see if it’s time for you to schedule an appointment with Dr. Goldman.

Do the Test

When we have patients come into our office for a consultation, we have them do tests like making specific facial movements, but that’s also something you can do yourself at home.

Stand in front of a mirror and try making a scowl with your eyebrows and scrunching up your forehead muscles. Then relax. Do you have wrinkles that stay for a few seconds, or does everything go back right away? If it takes a few seconds for it to go away, then it might be time for you to get botox; no matter how young you are.

Think of it as a preventative measure

When Botox first reached the cosmetic market, it became popular among women in their 40’s, and 50’s who already had fine lines and wrinkles around their eyes and across their forehead. But, Botox is also something that we can use as a preventative measure. Wrinkles are formed because we consistently make the same facial movements over and over again.  Botox prevents you from making those facial movements, which prevents you from getting more wrinkles. In other words, it’s preventative.

Our motto? If you are wanting to prevent premature signs of aging and you are at least in your 20’s, then Botox may be worth giving a try. The first step is coming into our office for a consultation. Schedule your consultation at our NYC office and call us at 212.962.1115.

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