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Spooky Alert: What to Know About Face Paint If You Have Acne Prone Skin

Acne Treatment New York, NYIt’s the time of year everyone has been waiting for. The time when ghouls, ghosts, vampires, witches, princesses, and even firemen get to hang out together— it’s Halloween! No matter what you’re hoping to be this Halloween, nothing can make your costume go over the top quite like face paint. However, because a lot of face paint is oil based, it can wreak havoc on your skin and cause things like rashes and acne in the process. To ensure that you look the part with face paint without damaging your skin, we have created a brief guide on some things to know about face paint. Read on to learn more.

Wear a Primer
Makeup primers aren’t just good at getting your foundation to last all day long. In fact, they can be a real life saver when it comes to face paint. By applying a thin layer of makeup primer across your entire face, your face paint is more likely to last the entire night while also creating an extra barrier between the paint and your skin— leaving you less prone to breaking out.

Wash It Off After
Even if you’re out until two in the morning and are too tired to wash your face before bed, make yourself do it anyway. The longer the face paint is on your face, the more likely it is to break you out. To really wash the paint off your face, use a gentle cleanser and warm water. Then, follow up by using a toner— this will help to get off any additional dirt, oil, or paint.

Exfoliate the Next Day
Try using a gentle exfoliating scrub the next day. The scrub will help to get off any additional paint on your face, while gently exfoliating your skin in the process. Additionally, scrubs are good at targeting deep into your pores to clean them out and get rid of oil.

It’s that time of year where you get to dress up as your favorite character and haunt the town. Make sure you take good care of your skin by using the tips above when wearing face paint. To learn more about how you can take good care of your skin or to schedule an appointment, contact Dr. Barry Goldman today!

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