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Get Ready for Summer with Acne-Prevention

When you think about acne, you probably imagine a red, irritated face of a teenager.  We don’t mean emotionally irritated, but physically. The redness and white pustules of acne don’t just affect facial skin. People who are prone to this condition can become especially concerned as summer approaches. The good news is the more you know about acne on the face and on the body the better prepared you are to prevent and treat irritation before it can cause embarrassment or scarring.

Facial Acne and Body Acne: Are They the Same?

There are similarities and body acne and facial acne. Each condition tends to occur on areas of skin that have numerous oil glands. Aside from the face, oil glands are found on the shoulders, chest, and the back, these are the most common areas on which body acne occurs. Like facial acne, body breakouts are related to clogged pores, as well as bacteria, genetics, and hormones. Unlike facial acne, breakouts that occur on the skin of the chest or other body area can be triggered by friction between skin and clothing. During the hot months when we sweat, this friction can become a major problem.

There is Hope

People who are prone to body acne can face their summer months confidently with a few strategic habits:

  • Wear light clothing. Breathable fabrics are gentler to the skin and less likely to cause aggressive friction.
  • Shower. If you are prone to acne on the body, you may find that you need to shower more frequently to wash away bacteria and sweat.
  • Use the right products. There is no harm in washing areas such as your back or chest with products formulated for acne. Most of these products are very gentle, but they contain acne fighting ingredients such as salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide.
  • Don’t just wash with the right products, apply them as needed to dry existing acme. Also, moisture is important to healthy skin; so don’t skimp on lotion, just choose products that are lighter consistency.
  • Seek help when you need it. It is not only facial acne that can cause lasting damage. People with body acne are just as prone to long-term scarring, and to the emotional effects of it.

Whether body acne or facial acne, professional treatments can be obtained to minimize their effects and help you remain confident in your appearance. See what those are when you call our NYC office at  212-962-1115.

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