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5 Things To Know About Adult Acne

  • Posted on: Feb 27 2015
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Acne is more common in adults than many people realize. A variety of factors can cause acne flare-ups, ranging from diet to hormone imbalances. If you suffer from adult acne, there are a few things you should know before deciding on a proper treatment method.

Adult Acne Causes And Treatments

  • Acne looks different on adults. Acne has a different appearance for people in their mid-thirties than in their teens. For instance, acne in adults generally takes the appearance of reddish spots around the mouth, neck and jaw as opposed to whiteheads that usually show around the faces of teenagers. However, one-third of adults usually get acne on their backs and other areas of the body. These cysts or bumps usually stem from such factors as dry skin clogged pores. Acne itself is not restricted to age, and people in their fifties can still experience this problem.
  • Women are more likely to get acne. Women may see breakouts because of menopause, PMS, pregnancy or menstruation. Females are 50 percent more likely to suffer from acne breakouts. While the exact cause of adult acne remains unknown, experts find that that it’s a combination of the oil glands and hormone fluctuations.
  • Men suffer from breakouts too. Even though women are more likely to experience adult acne, men get it too. There are many potential causes for acne in men such as skincare products and stress.
  • Products are important. The average adult applies seven skincare products on his or her face. These products clog pores and cause skin problems, particularly certain anti-wrinkle creams and heavy lotions. When applying anti-wrinkle creams, adults must ensure the product is conducive to their skin type.
  • Stress can make acne worse. Stress is a major cause of acne in adults. In fact, worrying about getting acne can cause outbreaks, and stress further exacerbates the problem. Adults who suffer from acne often face a stigma because they feel as though this problem is something reserved for teenagers.

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