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3 Reasons to Leave Your Acne Extractions Up to the Professionals

Acne extractions New York, NYWith the holidays here, it can seem like there’s a party every day of the month which means that you always want to look your best. If you get an unexpected breakout and the concealer isn’t doing the trick, it’s time to take matters into your own hands or is it?

It can be hard for most people to look in the mirror, see a pimple, and leave it completely alone. Unless you are professional dermatologist like Dr. Barry Goldman, we don’t encourage you to touch it. Here’s why.

It Can Spread Bacteria

One common thing that patients experience after they pop a pimple is a few more pimples around the same area after a few days. Why? Because bacteria from the first pimple can spread across the skin. When Dr. Goldman extracts pimples, he will make sure that he does it as sterile as possible to avoid spreading any bacteria or germs.

It Can Cause Scarring

Popping a pimple shouldn’t cause scarring, but sometimes when it’s not done by a professional, it can do just that. When we extract pimples at our office, Dr. Goldman uses a specialized instrument which helps to release the pressure inside of the pimple without breaking open the surrounding skin. In addition to using this type of tool, Dr. Goldman also uses other techniques like steam to help loosen up the pimple to make extractions a lot easier.

It Can Be Hard to Do

We’ve all tried to pop a pimple on our nose only to realize that it’s impossible to get ahold of it. No matter what type of blemish you have or where it’s located on your face, Dr. Goldman has the tools and technique to help unclog it without you having to deal with it.

Having a pimple on your face may feel like an eyesore, but if it turns into a scar, it can be even more of one. The next time you have a pimple that’ needs to be extracted, leave it up to Dr. Goldman. To learn more about blemish extractions, contact our New York City office today and call us at 212.962.1115.

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